Cape May Greenways

Cape May Greenways

The Cape May area has miles of scenic trails and byways that run through forests, farmland, state and county parks, wildlife-management areas, historic towns, and the dunes of preserved beaches.

Birds and other wildlife abound. In fact, the Cape May peninsula is one of the top birding spots in North America. Cape May Point State Park, for example, is a major migratory route, especially in the spring, when many sea and shore birds come through. At the end of the summer, dragonflies and monarch butterflies can be seen as they make their way to cross the Delaware Bay.

Three blazed trails will lead you through a variety of habitats in the Cape May Point State Park. On the wheelchair-accessible Red Trail, viewing platforms overlook ponds where wading birds, ducks, swans and, sometimes, osprey come to feed and breed. The Yellow Trail is 1.5 miles long with views of wetland marsh and coastal dunes. The Blue Trail is the longest of said trails.


In Cape May Point State Park, you’ll also find a 157-foot lighthouse, built in 1859, with 199 steps you can climb to take in a view of the cape. As a reminder of its days as a military base, the park also has a bunker. It now stands as a monument to the strategic defensive role the area played during World War II. At low tide, you can still see the gun turrets.

At the more-than-200-acre Cape May County Park, you’ll discover a zoo that’s home to more than 500 animals representing 250 species, and the admission is free! At Cape May National Wildlife Refuge, free family nature walks are available on Saturdays throughout the summer.6-2-15 Osprey shutterstock_262753520

Birding is always excellent at Higbee Beach Wildlife Management Area, especially from spring through early fall. In spring, when they are heading north, birds will rest and feed there after crossing the Delaware Bay. In summer, a number of species come to breed. Because of this, pets are not permitted on the beach from April until September. This is also a good place to see dragonflies and butterflies, including monarchs. Higbee has more than two miles of nature trails with viewing platforms.

For fishing enthusiasts, Cape May Point State Park waters are home to weakfish, bluefish, flounder, tautog, and striped bass.

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Get to know the Gateways of Lewes

Gateways of Lewes

The “Gateways of Lewes” are six roads forming a continuous network of greenway leading into the town and out to the ocean. The Gateways also provide an active and enjoyable way to explore the more than three centuries of Lewes history. You’ll definitely want to make a day of traveling these trails by boat, car or bike, leaving plenty of time to take in the natural beauty and interesting stopping points.

The “Gateways from the Land”—Kings Highway, Savannah Road and New Road—run generally east to west, perpendicular to the coast, passing through numerous historically significant areas, including downtown Lewes. The “Gateways from the Sea”—Pilottown Road, Gills Neck Road and Cape Henlopen Drive—run approximately north to south, parallel to the coast. This route follows the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal and the beach.

Canoeing at Trap Pond State Park near Lewes.

Among the interesting places you’ll find along the Gateways from the Land are the Lewes Presbyterian Church (est. 1692) and churchyard, the Zwaanendael Museum (built in 1932 to resemble the ancient City Hall in Hoorn, Holland) on Kings Highway, and Bethel Cemetery and the War of 1812 Memorial Park just north of the Canal Bridge on Savannah Road. Along the Gateways from the Sea are the Cannonball House (with a War of 1812 cannonball embedded in its foundation), historic Victorian homes of Delaware River and Delaware Bay pilots, the Lightship Overfalls (a floating lighthouse built in 1938), and Canalfront Park.

At the end of the Gateways from the Sea greenway is the 5,193-acre Cape Henlopen State Park. There, you can hike a three-mile paved loop trail, six miles of beach along the Atlantic Ocean, or the 1.6-mile crushed-gravel Walking Dunes Trail, which ends at the 80-foot-high Great Dune. They’re called “walking dunes” because they actually move slowly across the park.

bike trail

(Image source: Delaware State Parks)

In the park, you’ll discover a World War II observation tower that was part of Fort Miles and used to spot enemy battleships. It’s a shorter climb up one of the former military bunkers in the park, but the view is still impressive. Be sure to visit the Seaside Nature Center to check out the live Osprey Cam.

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Cape May Museums

As the weather starts to get colder, everyone resorts to the indoors to keep warm. Thankfully, there are quite a few great museums within minutes of the ferry to help keep you warm during those colder months!

Historic Cold Spring Village

720 Route 9 South
Cape May, NJ 08204

This interactive museum will make you feel like you traveled back in time to the “age of homespun” which took place between 1789 and 1840. Walk around their 30 acres of land and visit their 26 restored historic buildings. During your visit, you will have the chance to meet historically clothed interpreters who educate you about the lifestyle and issues of the time. Children can join in the festivities, trying on costumes, making crafts, and playing the games of that time. Dine at their restaurant right on their property or stop at their ice cream parlor or bakery for a delicious treat and their brand new brewery!

Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum

500 Forrestal Road
Cape May Airport, NJ 08242

Learn and see dozens of airplanes, helicopters, jet aircrafts and more. Located in Hanger #1 at the Cape May Airport, see some memorable items and airplanes from WWII as you walk through their exhibits. This is a great museum for all ages to enjoy!


Cape May Fire Department Museum

643 Washington Street
Cape May, NJ 08204

This small museum is filled with powerful stories and history. It is free and open to the public for all to enjoy. Learn the history of the Cape May Fire Department and see their antique 1928 American La France Fire Engine.

Emlen Physick Estate

1048 Washington Street
Cape May, NJ 08204

Travel back into Victorian time as you walk into the Physick Estate. Admire the architecture and decorative arts, and learn about this notable Cape May family. This estate gives you an insight on the changing lifestyle of the past and is a unique place to visit. 

The Museum of Cape May County

504 Route 9 North
Cape May Court House, NJ 08210

Learn about the county’s original settlers in the 1600s into the 1800s as you walk through the museum. Catch a glimpse of what a doctor’s office looked like in the 1700s with all the different tools and pharmaceuticals that were used. You will also be able to see what a family’s home that was built in 1704 was like, and the changes that were made into the 1800s. Stop to see their new room that pays honor to those who have served, from the Revolutionary War to the current. This museum truly brings you to the past and shows you what life was like living in Cape May County between the 1600s and 1800s. It is a fun learning experience for all ages to enjoy!

Free Activities in Cape May

free activities in cape may- faceboook

Traveling to Cape May for a vacation or just a day trip? Don’t miss out on these fun FREE activities that you and the rest of the family can enjoy!

Cape May County Park & Zoo

Everyone has their cape may county zoofavorite zoo animal and what better way than getting to see them for free?! The Cape May County Park & Zoo is known for its endangered species and wildlife. It is a great place for all ages to enjoy the day and see all the wildlife that the zoo has to offer! Although the zoo is free, donations are recommended to help take care of all your favorite animals.

Cape May Point State Park

Cape May point lighthouseEnjoy the scenic view from the top of the 157-foot tall Cape May lighthouse.* The view from the top is something that you would never have seen before! Besides the lighthouse, there are three trails on the property for hikers to enjoy and see all the different habitats, birds, wetland marsh, and other wildlife along the shore. Each trail is a different distance. The Red Trail is .5 miles long and is wheelchair accessible. The Yellow Trail is 1.5 miles long and the Blue Trail is 2.0 miles long. Each trail offers different unique sightings for all to enjoy! For more information regarding the lighthouse or trails, visit their website.

*Admission to the lighthouse is $8 for adults, $5 for ages 3-12 and children under 3 are free.


Washington Street Mall

Enjoy the wonderful shops and restaurants Cape May has to offer at the Washington Street Mall! The historic strip mall brings the city of Cape May all together in one place. There are plenty of shops to look around and find unique antiques. If you aren’t in the mood for shopping, enjoy some delicious foods from homemade fudge to the best restaurants around!

Sunset Beach

uss-atlantusThe name of this beach is self-explanatory; you can view the best sunsets around here with a twist. As you’re enjoying the beautiful view you can see the historic Atlantus, which was a concrete ship built during WWI. The ship was purchased and brought to Cape May for further plans but during a storm, the ship sunk. You are able to see the tip of the ship that is sticking out above water. On the beach, you can explore and find many “Cape May Diamonds” in the sand! Besides exploring the beach there is a gift shop and grill for all to enjoy.

Take a trip over on the Cape May- Lewes Ferry and check out these activities while on your visit to the beautiful Cape May!

How to Entertain your Children while Traveling


Top 5 Reasons Why Traveling Onboard With Toddlers Is the way to go

Unclip that car seat and climb aboard! Below are some tips that’ll help you enjoy the wonders of the bay with your kids… without wanting to pulling your hair out.

1. Wildlife: Where else can you sit and watch Dolphins for 85 minutes?

Children can grab a wildlife score card from a crew member and try to spot all the shore birds and marine life. The captains frequently announce when they spot Dolphin pods and other wildlife creatures so make sure to pay attention. Recently there have even been whale spottings by the crew! At the Lewes terminal there is a family of osprey, you can even monitory them on the live Osprey Cam! So be sure to grab a good seat outside seat outside and let the show begin!

2 dolphins

2. Confdad and kid.jpgined Space: Relax!

You’re on a boat, appreciate the time out of the car and let your kids roam safely. Your children can interact with the crew and sit on lawn chairs on the upper deck. There’s plenty of space for your kids to explore while keeping a distant eye on them. With two outside decks, they can experience a 360 degree view without getting too far away from mom and dad. There is also a free learning the ropes handout for children to learn how to tie a sailors knot!

3. Gift Shop: Take a look around in the gift shop onboard!little ferry

While traveling, you can stop inside the onboard gift shop and find anything from jewelry for mom to stuffed animals and T-Shirts for kids. Don’t forget the sunscreen! You can also purchase a postcard and have your kids write a letter to friends or family explaining how much fun they had!

4. Activities onboard: Coloring Books and Scavenger Hunts, Oh My!

Grab a complimentary coloring book and enjoy the peace and quiet. The Cape May-Ferry Employees onboard hand out wildlife and captain cards that your children can collect!  There is also an arcade in the back of the boat filled with video games for all to enjoy. You may even get a glimpse of Pirate Pete! If you get hungry be sure to grab a bite to eat in our food court.


5. Activities Off Board: There’s plenty to do whether you’re in Cape May or Lewes

While at the terminals your children can play mini golf! Or step foot into any one of our beach towns and soak in the history:

little kid and dog.png

While in Cape May: Enjoy the zoo! Free everyday for families. Shuttle trips from the terminal to the Zoo begin June 21st! Trip Includes round-trip ferry ride for passengers from Lewes, shuttle service to the Cape May County Zoo and zoo admission. You’ll get a fascinating look at 250 species of animals, birds and reptiles in a beautiful garden setting.

While in Lewes: Rent a bike from us and enjoy the Cape Henlopen State Park. There’s plenty of wildlife and beautiful beaches to explore through 2.25 miles of bike paths. Or experience Historic Lewes with free museum tours. Don’t to grab some ice cream from the many shops in Lewes on your way back!

Why Pets Love Riding the Ferry


For years, animal lovers and their four-legged companions have enjoyed ferry rides. You may be curious why dogs would love breathing in open air, sighting the most unique birds (with a bark), rocking and relaxing Adirondack chairs and because of that, we’ve put a list of reasons together for you…  Here are some of the reasons why pets love riding the ferry as much as their owners!

1.) While on board they get to see their favorite whale and dolphin friends in the Delaware Bay. During the summer months, many whales and dolphins travel along the waters for furry passengers to see. And, to be clear, 2016 has been an AMAZING year for sighting whales!


2.) You pup can enjoy the 360 degree views of the bay from many vantage points from the wrap around deck. On later rides, you may even catch a stunning sunset. 

2 dogs

3.) Before boarding the ferry, dogs of all shapes and sizes can play free miniature golf with their owners. We promote tail puts and nose puts. 

dog golf

4.) Your wonderful pup can meet other furry friends from around the world! People and their pets from all over the country use the ferry to travel, so you never know who you may get to meet. For those with puppy eyes, you won’t want to miss out. 

dogs 2

5.) Finally they can ride for free with their owners! There is nothing like traveling with man’s best friend.*

dog ferryThese are only a few of the reasons why pets love riding the ferry but there are plenty more. Come and see why everyone loves riding the Cape May- Lewes Ferry as much as their four-legged companions! Visit our website now  to book a trip for you and your 4 legged bestie. 

*We know the rocking of the ferry isn’t always a dog’s best friend, so just remember to take care of your pup on a trip like this! Looking forward to have you both.

A Southern Delaware Summer Bucket List

summer list blog

You won’t find these adventures on your average travel guide! Take a break from the ordinary and travel to Lewes with us!

Bike or hike the Gordons Pond Trail

bike trail

Avoid the traffic and travel from Lewes to Rehoboth the easy way! Take a left turn once you leave the terminal and arrive at the Cape Henlopen State Park. The Gordons Pond trail begins at the Herring Point parking lot and guides viewers through 2.65 miles of scenic beach landscapes. The elevated boardwalks are perfect for nature lovers and bird watchers.

Rehoboth Farmers Market

rehobeth beach farmer

Tuesdays noon-4pm rain or shine, you can find the freshest fruits and vegetables at Grove Park in Rehoboth Beach. The Rehoboth Beach Farmer’s Market is a great way to add some color to your diet as you vacation to the shore. With different recipes weekly, you’ll never leave hungry.

Brewery and Wine Tours


Once off the ferry, take time to relax and enjoy the several local breweries and wineries just minutes away from the terminal. Each distillery offers its own unique tour and tasting experience.

Movies on the Beach

beach movies

Every Monday night is family night at Dewey and Bethany beach. Every Monday night is family night at these two locations, with all your kids favorite movies starting at 8:30PM.  Don’t forget the popcorn! Families can grab a blanket and a lawn chair and watch the film all together. Dewey offers S’MORE fun with a bonfire every Wenesday night from 7:30-11pm. For a complete list of showings go to

 Cape May- Lewes Ferry Firework Cruise

fireworks ferryGet the best view in town right aboard the ferry! The ferry departs from Lewes to give passengers a once in a lifetime experience. Listen to live music and watch the fireworks from upper deck. Get your tickets before they sell out!






If your traveling from Cape May, don’t miss out on the fun and book your reservation NOW!