Your Ferry Tale Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, there are countless decisions a couple must make before their special day. One major decision being the location of their wedding. Cape May and the Delaware Beaches remain one of the most popular wedding destinations in the country. Warm sand, blue waters, and charming history provide a perfect backdrop for your upcoming wedding!

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Have a “Ferry Tale” Wedding

Our beautiful docks at both our Lewes and Cape May terminals offer an amazing backdrop for your special day, and our Sunset Lounge is a beautiful reception area. Whether you’re going for a nautical theme or want to stay tranquil, our events management staff will help you plan the wedding of your dreams. Our peaceful settings will create the perfect atmosphere for you and your partner to start your new life together. Let us help you create an event that you and your guests will never forget.

It’s all about the details

Our skilled culinary professionals will help you pick the perfect food and drink options within your budget, from new craft beer weddings to more traditional champagne and cake events. We provide everything you need to host a dinner. Culinary creations include delicious and fresh seafood options including, shrimp, crab cakes, lobster tail and more! Our venues are flexible and perfect for smaller, intimate weddings of 20 or fewer, mid-sized weddings, and larger outdoor events.

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Location, location, location

Our New Jersey and Delaware locations offer couples multiple venue choices no matter the size of the party. Our venue capacities range from 40 people all the way to 1,500! Whether in Lewes or Cape May, our venue options will make your day as special and unique as you are! 

blog wedding2Whether you want an outdoor location, indoor, or split time between both, we’ve got you covered! Our terminal green offers a spectacular backdrop to the incredible sunsets on the bay. Inside, we have both our gallery room and Sunset Lounge that provides beautiful home for your event.

In Delaware, we have 3 more locations to choose from. Our bayside pier offers a unique opportunity for your guests to sit above the water and soak in the majesty of the sea.  Our bayside green is also available for a larger event or our sunset room for a party under 50.

Who doesn’t love a destination wedding?

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Whether you’re a local resident or coming from out of state, leave the planning to us so you can sit back and enjoy your day with friends and family. For more wedding inspiration, be sure to check out our Pinterest board! For inquiries, feel free to contact us!



Delaware Brewery Guide


Calling all beer lovers! Southern Delaware has several local breweries that appeal to everyone’s taste buds! Most destinations are just a short drive from our Lewes Terminal and can make for a great day trip for Cape May-Lewes Ferry travelers. The following breweries offer each customer a unique experience , and some even include tours and tastings for their visitors. 

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

6 Village Center Blvd, Milton, DE 19968 (Go there!)

This “off-centered” brewing company eats, sleeps and breathes beer. They are constantly growing, and attracting visitors from all over the world. Their multiple Delaware locations offer a wide range of experiences for beer and food lovers alike. Freedogfish tours are offered multiple times a day at their famous brewery in Milton, DE. Their Brewery is easily identifiable from the roadway with signature pieces including Bunyan’s Lunchbox, their Steampunk Treehouse and outdoor fermenters.


If you get hungry, you can take a quick trip south to their restaurant, Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats. Their passionate brand seeks to provide entertainment, food and great beer to the Rehoboth Beach area.

Want to turn the day trip into a stay trip? The Dogfish Inn in Lewes, DE is just a short bike ride from our Lewes terminal! Their modern style inn offers 16 rooms, 7 of which are even dog-friendly!

dogfish inn

Crooked Hammock Brewery

36707 Crooked Hammock Way, Lewes, DE 19958 (Go There!) 

If you’re looking for a “backyard cookout everyday” this is the place for you! crooked hammock breweryOnce off the ferry, the restaurant is just a short bike ride down Kings Highway. After moving to the beach 10 years ago, owner, Rich Garrahan sought to create a beach escape for his customers while enjoying the company of friends and family. You can’t miss this one of a kind venue from the highway based on its unique design and outside beer garden.

This company embodies summertime fun with live music everyday all summer long. Their craft beers are brewed in-house from scratch. Their menu offers summertime favorites including, burgers, dogs, and kebabs. Want to bring the fun home with you? Check out their store where you can purchase growlers, koozies and much more!

16 Mile Brewery

413 S Bedford St, Georgetown, DE 19947 (Go There!) 

Located in a renovated, historic barn, 16 Mile Brewery sits beyond the beach in the heart of Georgetown, DE. You’ll need a car to get to this location but it’s worth the journey (and away from the traffic).

Their brand prides itself on16 mile brew their historic roots, named for the town in which it resides. In the 1700s, Georgetown was named the County Seat and was 16 miles from anywhere. Their tasting room is open seven days a week for any and all guests. They also offer free tours daily and throwback Thursday trivia nights! Also, be sure to try their beer infused food that includes coffee, cheese, and bread.





Dewey Beer Company

2100 Coastal Hwy, Dewey Beach, DE 19971 (Go There!) 

This Brewerys technique is based on a seven-barrel system that is dedicated to craft ales. Their rustic restaurant offers customers a unique and inviting atmosphere. As a young brand, they recently celebrated their one year anniversary with their Anniversary IPA.dewey beer

They pride themselves on all things local when it comes to their menu, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. A quick peruse will make any seafood lover drool with their seafood creole, lobster roll and pan seared scallops. Parking is free Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings in Dewey, however they also recommend taking the Jolly Trolley which drops you right next to their building! So stop by for Happy Hour, 3-5 everyday!

 3rd Wave Brewing Co

501 N Bi State Blvd, Delmar, DE 19940


Located in Delmar, 3rd Wave Brewing was founded on two friends growing interest in home brewing that suddenly turned into a business venture. These co-owners opened their brewery in 2012 and were received with open arms by local residents. 3rd Wave brewing is founded on hometown roots and the mutual love of the beach and surfing. On the weekends their food truck, “In Your Backyard BBQ”, operates for all to enjoy. They offer a wide range of beers that fill 14 taps. You are able to taste any of them any day of the week in their tasting room. Their 1st Wave IPA is available all year round and has ‘a great hop bitterness balanced with a malty sweetness.’ Stop by and taste for yourself today!


Experience them all with the Delaware Beer, Wine, and Spirits Tour!

Why stop at just one! Visit Delaware has created a downloadable passport that will guide you from one location to the other.  So pick your favorite or enjoy them all! These trips are perfect for either a weekend getaway or any day trip! Whether you want to stick to the beaches or head up north to explore more, it’s easy to plan your trip. Either way, you’ve got plenty of time… because the ferry operates all year long! So let us be your form of transportation to your next adventure in Southern Delaware. For directions to each site check out this map.


Trying to get to one of these breweries? Check out this digital map!


**We encourage all passengers to consume alcohol safely and responsibly on and off board. We’d be happy to arrange a taxi or help you schedule your next shuttle bus!

A Guide to Delaware Wineries

Any wine connoisseur knows that in order to find impressive wineries with stunning views they must travel west to California or across the Atlantic to Italy…. or do they? A quick trip across the Delaware Bay will change your mindset while saving you money on airfare. Whether your taste buds crave a nice dry Chardonnay or a sweet Moscato we’re here to point you in the right direction.

Nassau Valley Vineyards-Winery

32165 Winery Way, Lewes, DE 19958

(302) 645-9463


Nassau Valley is Delaware’s first winery, located just miles from Delaware Beaches. It is tucked away on a country road between Route 9 and Route 1. This farm winery offers any wine enthusiast an array of choices between red and white. Visitors can even test their vinification knowledge at their “history of wine” museum. This award winning vineyard was founded in 1987 by a father-daughter duo on a family farm site in Lewes. The daughter, Peg, had spent years traveling for a wine oriented publication until her passion shifted from writing to wine making. The 14 wines in their product line—which consists of Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot—are made using local fruit. They are now open to visitors Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm for self-guided tours through their facility. Tastings are only $5 per person and available during hours of operation.

Harvest Ridge Winery

447 Westville Rd, Marydel, DE 19964

(302) 804-1329


Harvest Ridge offers an escape to a simpler time when you step onto their secluded property. On a trip to South Carolina for his son’s wedding, Chuck Nunan was inspired to turn his hobby into a full-blown career choice. This beautiful dream grew into reality in 2011 with the planting of his first vines, Chardonnay, Viognier, Malbec, and Merlot. Harvest Ridge gives credit to the advantageous growing conditions such as warmer growing seasons and shallow waters. Can’t get enough? Become a Wine Club member and receive 3 bottles every three months and discounts off full case purchases. Tasting and tours are made available everyday from 12-5pm!

Pizzadili Vineyard & Winery

1671 Peach Basket Rd, Felton, DE 19943

(302) 284-9463


Two brothers from Italy brought a little piece of home with them to Felton, DE when they opened up in Felton in 1993. Now they currently offer 12 different grape varieties that range from a sweet dessert white wine to a dry red wine. They grow their own grapes and make all their wines on site. They also have large venue facilities that can accommodate large party tastings with friends and family. Their facilities are open to the public daily from noon to 5pm. Tasting and tours are open during the hours of operation. You are even able to take a piece of the vineyard home with you after a tasting with one of their keepsake wine glasses. 


New to the wine world and want to learn what to wine to pair with your meal? Or maybe you’re a trained professional looking to expand your palate. Be sure to join us for our Wine Lovers Sunset Cruises running all September and October long! To learn more or book your ticket today click here!


Delaware Bay Wildlife: Mammal Edition

The diversity of wildlife in the Delaware Bay is amazing, and on board the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, you can experience a 360-degree view of much of the marine life it has to offer! It isn’t unusual to see dolphins, so be sure to keep your eyes on the water, and pay attention to the loudspeaker as the captain will typically announce where to see them in the water.


There are three different types of seals in the Delaware Bay: Gray Seals, Harp Seals, and Harbor Seals. The Delaware Bay remains a popular site for seals tomblog1.jpg migrate during the winter. The most popular time to see seals along the Delaware Bay is during the colder months. Seals usually come out of the water to rest after they have eaten. If you catch sight of one of these amazing mammals, contact Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation at 302-228-5029. 

Gray Seals: These seals can grow to be up to 10 feet long and 800 pounds! They are gray in color, although pups have white fur for the first three weeks of their lives.

Harp Seals: Adults range between 5 to 6 feet and can weigh up to 300 pounds. They eat small fish and migrate towards the arctic during the summer months.

Harbor Seals: Adults are about 6 feet and weigh over 200 pounds. They are blue-grey in color. These seals love to be on land, and will typically give birth to baby seals during the spring and summer months.

For more information, visit the MERR Institute.


The most popular times to see dolphins are during the spring and summer months. They are gray in color and easy to spot from the deck. There are 43 species of dolphins that are recognized. In the Delaware Bay, we typically see 8 species of dolphins including the Atlantic Bottlenose, Striped, and Atlantic White-Sided. 

For pictures and more information on each species click here.

Dolphins are incredibly friendly, intelligent and can live as long as 60 years! When dolphins sleep, half of their brain stays awake to keep them breathing so they don’t drown? Their diet usually consists of fish, squid, and crustaceans. Generally, mating season is in the spring and result in mothers giving birth to one calf. Each calf stays with their mother for the first three years of its life.

Fun Fact: Dolphins tend to leap out of the water to glance at their surroundings and even follow ships! So be on the lookout next time you’re aboard! 


There she blows! The Cape May Lewes-Ferry captains have been keeping their eyes peeled for whales in the Delaware Bay. Whales have a very large appetite and prefer smaller fish and krill for their meals and tend to swallow their prey whole. They tend to eat 4% of their body weight, with the smallest species of whales weighing 3,000 pounds that’s a lot of food! 


For more wildlife fun on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry, be sure to check out our wildlife page before you plan your trip!

Birding on the Delaware Bay

Did you know the Delaware Bay is one of the most significant shorebird migration sites in the world? In fact, the region prides itself on having the second-highest concentration of shorebirds in North America! On any journey, it’s not unusual to spot shore birds such as Osprey, Red Knots, Gannets, and Egrets. The ferry is a favorite among birders as a place to see many of these East Coast migrating birds.



blog ospreyWe have an osprey family builds their nest in the same exact spot every year at our Lewes Terminal. The family has left for the winter, but they should be back next year and we have live camera coverage when they are in Lewes. The best view to catch them is from the second deck of the ferry as you approach the Lewes dock. 

Bald Eagle

You can catch Bald Eagles all year near the Delaware Bay! Theyblog bald eagle are seafood lovers who catch their prey with their talons while swooping down near the water. Their wingspan can stretch to over 7 feet and can live to roughly 20 years old!

Fun Fact: Bald Eagles have been known to fly across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to Europe! Talk about a long journey!

Red Knot

blog red knotThis medium-sized shorebird breeds in the far north of Canada, Europe, and Russia. The oldest recorded Red Knot was 15 years old. The Red Knot population along the Delaware Bay is slowly decreasing because of the limited food source our waters provide them. Their preferred food source is horseshoe crab eggs but it has become increasingly harder for these birds to find enough to sustain their hunger.

Piping Plover

These birds blend into the sand so they can be hard to spotblog piping plover.png along the shoreline. Plovers eat freshwater and marine invertebrates that wash up on shore. Generally, Piping Plovers arrive on breeding sites in early spring and begin nesting and egg-laying around May. Each mother will typically lay 3 to 4 eggs per season.

Fun Fact: Did you know that nesting piping plovers are federally protected? That means there’s no touching allowed!

Local Birding Spots

Delaware Bay: On the ferry!

Delaware: Cape Henlopen State Park is a perfect spot for birders to experience a unique perspective, with 360-degree views from their lookout tower. This park is directly left of the Lewes Terminal and includes paths for biking and walking, with wetlands, beaches, and wooded areas. Cape Henlopen is also a direct path for birds to migrate to in the spring. It is not uncommon to see multiple nests along the walking trail.

New Jersey: The New Jersey Audubon Society is a great resource for all birders, offering nature lovers the opportunity to hone their skills with birding programs, maps and more. In Cape May, Higbee Beach remains a gorgeous location for birders to watch migrating birds. The fields, trails, and swamps are where you will find most bird watchers. This one and a half mile stretch of beach on the Delaware Bay is comprised of 6 different locations, with Hidden Valley being one of the most popular bird watching sites. 

Birding Tips

1.) Bring Binoculars on board with you! Keep a lookout on the second deck while you travel with us. Our captains will announce when they see wildlife while crossing.

2.) Do not disturb the nests and make sure to watch these beautiful birds from a distance.

3.) Feel free to take photos! Captains will announce when we are approaching the Lewes Terminal so you will have time to get your camera out to take a peek at the Osprey Nest (when the Osprey family is in town).

The Cape May-Lewes Ferry provides one of the best views for nature lovers to experience wildlife from a new vantage point. This is a great activity for families with children young and old! With unique views on either side of the Bay, you’ll have to join us on board to experience them all! For more information and fun facts regarding Delaware Bay wildlife check out our website!

Food With A View


Leave fast food on the highway! Enjoy a local favorite right at the Cape May or Lewes Ferry Terminals. Experience casual dining with spectacular waterfront views as a passenger or local resident. So whether you’re waiting to board or seeking a night out, explore our savory menu and look out for our entertainment series this summer.

On The Rocks at the Lewes Terminal was named 2016 BEST WATERFRONT DINING in the Best of Delaware Competition. A huge honor and well earned! Come try for yourself!


On The Rocks at the Cape May Terminal was renovated in early 2016. The area has a great new vibe and layout designed for optimal orange crush consumption and sunset watching!

Kid and Dog-Friendly: Bring the whole family and enjoy the view

On The Rocks is a perfect way for adults to kick back while kids are entertained for free. With our playground and free mini golf directly on the site, your kids will be able to play before and after their meals.  Don’t forget to look for the Osprey nest at the Lewes terminal, directly above the dock. For the pups, your dog will love the open play area. And don’t forget that we are within walking distance from the beach, if you are looking for an after meal stroll. 

OTR Lewes
OTR View
OTR Cape May

Parking: Free

During the peak summer season, it’s hard to find free parking in the Cape May and the Lewes/Rehoboth area. It can be even more of an inconvenience if you’re just grabbing a bite to eat. At On The Rocks, we got you covered with free parking all day, every day, at both of our locations. If you are a drive-on passenger, arrive about an hour and a half early and have a sit-down meal before boarding.  Make sure that if you are a foot passenger or a local resident stopping by, to park in the foot passenger designated parking area. Follow signs towards parking and make sure to avoid all toll lanes. In Lewes take the second exit into the terminal. In Cape May, follow signs towards Cape May-Lewes Ferry and when approaching toll lane, exit towards the sign that says walk-on passengers parking.

Free Live Entertainment

Entertainment at Cape May’s On The Rocks will take place every week, Tuesday through Sunday. The live concert series at our Lewes and Cape May terminals will offer something for everyone! Wednesdays in Cape May and Thursdays in Lewes will feature the diverse sounds of the Delaware Bay. 

Drinks: Tap Takeovers

What better way to dine than enjoying a view with a brew? All summer long we host local brewery’s creations that pair perfectly with your meals. Tap takeovers will take place at our Cape May location, however, if you’re from the Delaware region, simply hop on board and we’ll get you there right in time for dinner!


Small plates vs. Large plates: Decisions, decisions

Who says you can’t have both? Our small plates are great starters giving you something to munch on before your meal arrives. Our famous crab dip loaded with melted cheese and fresh crab meat will blow you away. Not a seafood lover? No worries! We’ve got grilled burgers, loaded fries, grilled chicken sandwiches and more! So whether you’re with the family or enjoying the night out with friends, we’ve got something for everyone. When you’re finished eating, take a walk on our dock, you may even spot some dolphins. 

chicken otr.jpg

Stop by and see what all the buzz is about! And did you know we have a Cape May Facebook and a Lewes Facebook? Check us out for real-time updates and more food fun! 

The Iconic Kalmar Nyckel


The Kalmar Nyckel is a sailing piece of history – 1600’s history to be exact. Built by the Dutch and sold to the Swedish, the original vessel was once called the “Mayflower of the Delaware Valley.” The ship sailed from Gothenburg, Sweden in 1637, and its travelers established their first settlement on the site of what is now Wilmington, Delaware. The Kalmar Nyckel was eventually sold to Dutch merchants and sunk off the coast of Scotland in 1652.

To commemorate the voyages of the original vessel, a replica of the ship was launched in Wilmington, DE in 1997. This recreation of the Kalmar Nyckel took about a decade to complete before it set sail on the Christina River. Today, the Kalmar Nyckel offers a once in a lifetime experience to visitors as they are able to climb aboard and soak in the history for themselves. The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation is a nonprofit organization that gives visitors along the east coast a unique glance at history. The current model is operated by a volunteer staff who are passionate about educating the public about the history maritime and colonial life.


The Kalmar Nyckel has plenty of educational opportunities for visitors of all ages! They offer field trips for classrooms to explore the majesty of the vessel with interactive information stations. Guests are encouraged to dress up in sailor and pirate gear similar to the crews! In Lewes, they offer deck tours where crew members will transport you back to 1638. Kids can even ring the ship’s bell!


Interested in joining the crew? There are 300 volunteers that help support the Kalmar Nyckel annually that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They offer training classes all year long in Wilmington, DE for those willing to volunteer. While this training requires some time commitment, it is absolutely worth the experience.

The Kalmar Nyckel will dock at our Lewes Terminal from August 13th – September 5th. And, BOY, are we excited! Tours and sails will be available. Booking is through the Kalmar Nyckel website. Even if you’re not going for a sail, the sight is absolutely something to behold.Stop by and grab a bite to eat or drink at our dockside grill, On The Rocks – Lewes (ranked #1 Waterfront Eatery in the 2016 Best of Delaware Competition) and marvel in this piece of history. 

 If you’re traveling from the New Jersey area be sure to book your Cape May-Lewes Ferry tickets in advance! 

Keep up with the Kalmar Nyckel on their website: