Let the Ferry Games Begin!

Dylan Clark cropped

Meet Dylan Clark. Seriously, come meet him! At the Cape May Ferry terminal on many afternoons, you’ll see him set up in the back salon waiting to play or teach chess to anyone interested. He’s generally there from 4:30-6 several times a week after his shift at the local Acme. A native of North Cape May, this 22-year old is an eleven year veteran of the game, literally having played for half of his life!

Why does he set up at the Ferry? There aren’t that many chess players in Cape May and Dylan is always looking to challenge himself against new players, or help others get introduced to the game. Although most of his peers are currently walking around searching for Pokemon, Dylan prefers the strategic intricacies of chess. He credits the game with helping him gain strength and courage particularly in his earlier years when he was not as socially adept or verbal as he is today.

Dylan mostly plays online, but prefers real life interactions whenever possible.  He sets up with all the necessary tools, including books that can help him and other interested patrons learn desired move nuances.  Thinking of trying your hand at chess? Stop by the Ferry terminal in Cape May and introduce yourself to Dylan. He’s got an easy smile, is so friendly and really loves talking chess!






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