How to Entertain your Children while Traveling


Top 5 Reasons Why Traveling Onboard With Toddlers Is the way to go

Unclip that car seat and climb aboard! Below are some tips that’ll help you enjoy the wonders of the bay with your kids… without wanting to pulling your hair out.

1. Wildlife: Where else can you sit and watch Dolphins for 85 minutes?

Children can grab a wildlife score card from a crew member and try to spot all the shore birds and marine life. The captains frequently announce when they spot Dolphin pods and other wildlife creatures so make sure to pay attention. Recently there have even been whale spottings by the crew! At the Lewes terminal there is a family of osprey, you can even monitory them on the live Osprey Cam! So be sure to grab a good seat outside seat outside and let the show begin!

2 dolphins

2. Confdad and kid.jpgined Space: Relax!

You’re on a boat, appreciate the time out of the car and let your kids roam safely. Your children can interact with the crew and sit on lawn chairs on the upper deck. There’s plenty of space for your kids to explore while keeping a distant eye on them. With two outside decks, they can experience a 360 degree view without getting too far away from mom and dad. There is also a free learning the ropes handout for children to learn how to tie a sailors knot!

3. Gift Shop: Take a look around in the gift shop onboard!little ferry

While traveling, you can stop inside the onboard gift shop and find anything from jewelry for mom to stuffed animals and T-Shirts for kids. Don’t forget the sunscreen! You can also purchase a postcard and have your kids write a letter to friends or family explaining how much fun they had!

4. Activities onboard: Coloring Books and Scavenger Hunts, Oh My!

Grab a complimentary coloring book and enjoy the peace and quiet. The Cape May-Ferry Employees onboard hand out wildlife and captain cards that your children can collect!  There is also an arcade in the back of the boat filled with video games for all to enjoy. You may even get a glimpse of Pirate Pete! If you get hungry be sure to grab a bite to eat in our food court.


5. Activities Off Board: There’s plenty to do whether you’re in Cape May or Lewes

While at the terminals your children can play mini golf! Or step foot into any one of our beach towns and soak in the history:

little kid and dog.png

While in Cape May: Enjoy the zoo! Free everyday for families. Shuttle trips from the terminal to the Zoo begin June 21st! Trip Includes round-trip ferry ride for passengers from Lewes, shuttle service to the Cape May County Zoo and zoo admission. You’ll get a fascinating look at 250 species of animals, birds and reptiles in a beautiful garden setting.

While in Lewes: Rent a bike from us and enjoy the Cape Henlopen State Park. There’s plenty of wildlife and beautiful beaches to explore through 2.25 miles of bike paths. Or experience Historic Lewes with free museum tours. Don’t to grab some ice cream from the many shops in Lewes on your way back!


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