The Gotham City-Metropolis Ferry?

shutterstock_276697244In Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the legendary comic book superheroes from Gotham City and Metropolis face off in an epic battle against one another. However, according to the DC Comics Universe, their fight took place a little closer to home than you may have thought. There’s even a possibility that either one of them may have gone for a ride on the cruise on the Cape May-Lewes Ferry in order to visit the other one!


Several publications and comics going back as far as the 1970s have the locations of Metropolis and Gotham City listed as being in the area of the two port towns of our friendly neighborhood Ferry.

While the states shapes may have been a little off, The Atlas of the DC Universe places Gotham City and Metropolis across from each other on the Delaware Bay.
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The Atlas of the DC Universe, published in 1990, serves as a guide to the cities in the DC Comics Universe and their locations, and it states, “Metropolis is located on the south end of Delaware Bay near the modern town of Lewes, Delaware. The Atlas shows Gotham city as being on the other side of the bay, near Cape May, New Jersey.”

So next time you’re taking a Ferry cruise across the Delaware Bay, keep an eye out because you might see a bird, or a plane, or Superman!



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