4 Ways to Warm Up in January With The Ferry!

5 Ways to Warm Up in January with the Ferry

1. Roller Skating in Cape May
Roll over to the other side of the bay for a fun day of roller skating!
For more info: CMLF.com/DayTrips
2. Try Your Luck in the New Year in Atlantic City
Wednesday, January 13, head over to Atlantic City on the Lucky 7’s Package with the Ferry. 
For more info: CMLF.com/Lucky7s.
3. Just Go For a Brew
Get out of the cold, and into the next Ferry Beer Dinner! A five-course meal with paired with local brews, Friday, January 15 at the Lewes Terminal featuring Mispillion River craft beer.
For more info: CMLF.com/BeerDinners.
4.  Watch the Game and Place Your Bets 
The NFL playoffs are underway and one of the best places to enjoy Sunday fun is at the Lewes Terminal. Place your bets there with the DE Sports Lottery, then just grab a beer and some wings and watch the game!


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