How Craft Beer has Outgrown Chicken Wings

Why Craft Beer has Outgrown Chicken Wings (1)

Beer and Chicken Wings. It’s a combination as old as time, along with classics like peanut butter & jelly, or cookies & milk. However, with the rise of microbreweries, brewpubs, and regional craft breweries in the last decade, the Craft Beer Pairing Dinners at the Ferry are helping to establish beer as more than just the simple sidekick to burgers and buffalo chicken.

Over 1000 new craft breweries opened in the United States in the last three years alone, and each of them is trying their best to stand out in the crowded beer industry by bringing their own unique flair.

With all of these new innovations and exciting experiments going on, Ferry Craft Beer Pairing Dinners are bringing new combinations to everyone’s favorite hoppy beverage, such as molten chocolate soufflé and a s’mores flavored brown ale, or hearts of palm paired with a Belgian blonde.

Beer has certainly moved past pairing with just chicken wings and cheeseburgers, and the Craft Beer Pairing Dinners at the Ferry are an excellent place to experience the delicious new culinary revolution that pairs so nicely with a cold craft beer. Sorry chicken wings, but craft beer is moving on!

To find out the next Beer Dinners scheduled at the Ferry, call 1-800-643-3779, or go to




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