Biking on the Other Side (Delaware)

It’s true, we have some pretty nice biking areas on the Jersey side of the Bay, but all things considered, I prefer biking the trails and venues on the Other Side of the Bay, the Delaware side. Perhaps they are more user-friendly and offer greater variety, or maybe it’s the boat ride over and back, but for me, a day of biking on the Other Side bracketed by a pair of bay crossings aboard the Ferry is tantamount to a mini-vacation.

Have you never biked through beautiful Cape Henlopen State Park or historic Fort Miles? Never visited the Hawk Watch Platform perched atop old Battery Hunter? Never biked the Owens Pond trail to Rehoboth and then caught your breath over a Dogfish 90? Or returned to Lewes via the Junction-Breakwater Trail and ended your day with a Chianti and antipasto plate at Touch of Italy? If not, then you don’t know what you’re missing!

It’s true, biking in Delaware offers an amazing array of scenic rides with its “rail-to-trail” paths, raised walk ways over protected wetlands, and ancient bunker lined roads, all with very few hills. However, as good as the biking and trails are, it’s really up to you to make sure you’re prepared for a drama-free experience.

It’s really all about the equipment. The mountain bikes available for rent from Lewes Cycle Shop at the Lewes Ferry Terminal are perfect for trail riding, but you can also stick with an old beach cruiser. No matter what you ride, you’ll want fatter tires, fewer gears and handle bars that allow you to sit up straight.

It can be a long day. The entire loop winds all the way through Cape Helopen State Park and old Fort Miles, then along the Owens Pond Trail to Rehoboth, and back up to Lewes via the Junction-Breakwater Trail. It eventually winds up at the Ferry Terminal. The ride is benign with only one hill, but the entire loop can cover over 20 miles and with the round trip ferry ride, can last a full day. Even if it’s a partly sunny day, you’ll want to wear a hat, apply plenty of sun block and take along a reusable water bottle. Finally, you’ll want to bring cash or a credit card if you want to buy that Dogfish 90.


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