Young Birders Share Sightings

ABA Campers Host Free Bird Talk Program

 Exciting news for Delaware Bay birders and the Cape May – Lewes Ferry! The American Birding Association (ABA) Summer Young Birders Camp will be offering a special program for all ferry passengers on the 6:00 PM departure from Cape May on Thursday, August 14.

The Birding Talk program will have two stations, one at the bow and one at the stern of the boat. Passengers will learn about the natural history of the bay, and identify and discuss birds and other wildlife they will see on their ferry passage. This program is FREE of CHARGE to all passengers with their ferry ticket.

The Delaware Bay has tremendous biodiversity, with a wide variety of habitats and animal species. The ferry route from Cape May to Lewes is on an important East Coast migratory bird route. The peninsular portion of Cape May County also acts as a “bird funnel”, making the ferry route and the areas close to our terminals great places to view and identify a wide variety of birds. The Lewes and Cape May areas are some of the best places to view birds in the entire US!

Get ready for lots more local bird talk as the American Birding Associatin (ABA) moves its national headquarter to  Delaware City in  the historic Central Hotel, which overlooks the Delaware River and Pea Patch Island. Pea Patch Island is the site of Fort Delaware, used during the Civil War as a prison camp for Confederate soldiers. You can explore Fort Delaware with the Delaware City – Salem Ferry, also operated by the Delaware River and Bay Authority.

The ABA camp is based this summer at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, DE, and runs through August 17. To learn more about the ABA and their mission “to inspire people to protect and enjoy birds” please visit:


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