Let the Ferry Games Begin!

Dylan Clark cropped

Meet Dylan Clark. Seriously, come meet him! At the Cape May Ferry terminal on many afternoons, you’ll see him set up in the back salon waiting to play or teach chess to anyone interested. He’s generally there from 4:30-6 several times a week after his shift at the local Acme. A native of North Cape May, this 22-year old is an eleven year veteran of the game, literally having played for half of his life!

Why does he set up at the Ferry? There aren’t that many chess players in Cape May and Dylan is always looking to challenge himself against new players, or help others get introduced to the game. Although most of his peers are currently walking around searching for Pokemon, Dylan prefers the strategic intricacies of chess. He credits the game with helping him gain strength and courage particularly in his earlier years when he was not as socially adept or verbal as he is today.

Dylan mostly plays online, but prefers real life interactions whenever possible.  He sets up with all the necessary tools, including books that can help him and other interested patrons learn desired move nuances.  Thinking of trying your hand at chess? Stop by the Ferry terminal in Cape May and introduce yourself to Dylan. He’s got an easy smile, is so friendly and really loves talking chess!





Road To School

Savings and Sailing with the Ferry!


The school year is right around the corner, and that means the time for back-to-school shopping is here! While this annual shopping trip can sometimes seem like a chore, the ferry can help you turn it into a fun trip along the shore, and get you some great savings as well!

Until Sunday, August 21st, you can pick up a Tanger Outlets Coupon Sheet at the Customer Service Desk of the Cape May Ferry Terminal for up to 25% off select purchases. Just follow the tips below to start saving!

1.png2.png3.pngClimb aboard the ferry to take advantage of these great discounts before they sail away! Click the box below to book your trip and start relaxing and saving on the Delaware Bay.2.png


Ferry RV Tips

Do you own an RV and enjoy going on adventures?  The Cape May-Lewes Ferry is an easy way to get from New Jersey to Delaware (or vice versa), while relaxing across the Delaware Bay. You may be thinking, “there is no way my big RV is going to fit on the ferry!”  The good news is that we can accommodate almost any size motor home or trailer onto our vessels. Everyday, we see all different shapes and sizes of recreational vehicles come aboard our vessels. Whether you have a Class A motor home or a fifth wheel trailer, we have space for you!

IMG_3366Slack for iOS Upload (17).jpg

After extended time on the road, the ferry is a great way to unwind, relax and leave the navigation to us. You get a chance to stretch your legs, breathe in the fresh bay breeze, and (hopefully!) see some wildlife as you cross the Delaware Bay!

Before sailing with us, here are a few tips to make the ferry experience as easy as possible: 

  • Reservations are highly recommended because each ferry is 2,100 feet and long vehicles are generally held to 20% of the load to allow the most people to cross. So make sure to reserve your spot now!
  • The height limitation – 13 feet, 6 inches
  • The width limitation – 8 feet, 6 inches (generally more than enough for most RV’s, but if vehicle is wider, it can still board and we will charge for 2 spaces)
  • There is no length limitation, but there are different rates for vehicles over 60’ and three different length classes for RVs ranging from 15-34’, 35-44’, and 45-59’.
  • Propane Gas Restrictions – no more than 2 cylinders of propane are allowed on at a time.
    • Must be safely secured to the vehicle in an upright position with valves closed and tagged.
    • Propane powered refrigerators must have the thermostat control turned to the “off” position.

There are plenty of campgrounds located not far from our Cape May or Lewes Terminals! Make sure to follow these tips next time before you board onto the Cape May-Lewes Ferry to make your ferry experience a great one!


The Iconic Kalmar Nyckel


The Kalmar Nyckel is a sailing piece of history – 1600’s history to be exact. Built by the Dutch and sold to the Swedish, the original vessel was once called the “Mayflower of the Delaware Valley.” The ship sailed from Gothenburg, Sweden in 1637, and its travelers established their first settlement on the site of what is now Wilmington, Delaware. The Kalmar Nyckel was eventually sold to Dutch merchants and sunk off the coast of Scotland in 1652.

To commemorate the voyages of the original vessel, a replica of the ship was launched in Wilmington, DE in 1997. This recreation of the Kalmar Nyckel took about a decade to complete before it set sail on the Christina River. Today, the Kalmar Nyckel offers a once in a lifetime experience to visitors as they are able to climb aboard and soak in the history for themselves. The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation is a nonprofit organization that gives visitors along the east coast a unique glance at history. The current model is operated by a volunteer staff who are passionate about educating the public about the history maritime and colonial life.


The Kalmar Nyckel has plenty of educational opportunities for visitors of all ages! They offer field trips for classrooms to explore the majesty of the vessel with interactive information stations. Guests are encouraged to dress up in sailor and pirate gear similar to the crews! In Lewes, they offer deck tours where crew members will transport you back to 1638. Kids can even ring the ship’s bell!


Interested in joining the crew? There are 300 volunteers that help support the Kalmar Nyckel annually that come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. They offer training classes all year long in Wilmington, DE for those willing to volunteer. While this training requires some time commitment, it is absolutely worth the experience.

The Kalmar Nyckel will dock at our Lewes Terminal from August 13th – September 5th. And, BOY, are we excited! Tours and sails will be available. Booking is through the Kalmar Nyckel website. Even if you’re not going for a sail, the sight is absolutely something to behold.Stop by and grab a bite to eat or drink at our dockside grill, On The Rocks – Lewes (ranked #1 Waterfront Eatery in the 2016 Best of Delaware Competition) and marvel in this piece of history. 

 If you’re traveling from the New Jersey area be sure to book your Cape May-Lewes Ferry tickets in advance! 

Keep up with the Kalmar Nyckel on their website: www.KalmarNyckel.org 

5 Must See Lighthouses on the Delaware Bay


How much do you know about Delaware Bay’s “traffic lights of the sea”?. The five lighthouses in this article are just a handful of navigational aids scattered about the Delaware Bay. All lighthouses in the United States are operated by the United States Coast Guard. The Delaware River and Bay Lighthouse Foundation is now actively working to preserve the Delaware Lighthouses. While traveling across the bay, enjoy the majesty of the sea and the visible history of these lighthouses. Don’t forget to have your cameras ready!

Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse

This lighthouse is at the southernmost tip of Cape May. It was the last Delaware Bay lighthouse to have a keeper on-site! The foundation of this structure changed three times, beginning with a wood pile, moving to a screw pile, and finally to cast-iron concrete. As a woodpile structure, it lasted barely a year before heavy seas tore it down. When it moved to a screw pile in 1850, it was the first of it’s kind in the United States. The screw pile was unable to sustain the moving ice and was fitted with a third-order Fresnel Lens in 1851. The third light was completed in 1914 and was constructed atop a “concrete superstructure” (concrete and wooden piles).

Image source: Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse Friends


Delaware Breakwater East End Lighthouselighthouseblog2

This lighthouse was built in 1885 as a refuge for rough seas. It is located just inside Cape Henlopen on the southern side of the bay. The construction required over 835,000 tons of stone and cost a little over 2 million to complete. The Delaware Breakwater was soon put to the test not long after it’s construction with the great blizzard of 1888. Luckily the structure remained intact, although there was a constant theme of stress placed on this lighthouse as regular dense fog from Cape Henlopen forced the fog signal to remain constantly blaring. The most recorded hours of operation for the Breakwaters fog light was during the year 1905 with 645 hours. The red outer shell of the structure is easily identifiable from the ferry. In 2004, the Delaware River and Bay Authority partnered with the Delaware River & Bay Lighthouses Foundation to preserve this historic landmark.

Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse


This lighthouse is located on the southeast end of the outer breakwater (directly outside Lewes, DE). The first tower was built in 1908 but was destroyed by a terrible storm not too long after. As of 1926, a new tower (which is still a navigational aid today) was constructed to take its place. The Delaware River & Bay Lighthouse Foundation was granted a 20-year lease from the US Coast Guard in 2002 for restoration and this structure.

Miah Maull Shoal Lighthouse

Image source Lighthouse Friends


This lighthouse was named in honor of an 18th century sailor who drowned in a shipwreck. The goal of this light was to replace the Cross Ledge Light which was so far away from the shipping channel. It was constructed using cast iron. Originally, the structure was painted brown. It wasn’t until 1940 that Miah Maull was repainted to the red it still remains. It received an even bigger face lift in the 1980s when the United States Coast Guard removed the metal canopy covering the walkway. The original light that shown inside the tower was a fourth order Fresnel lens. It currently sits with a 500mm lens. Although faded, this light is still visible on the north side of the shipping channel on the Delaware Bay.




Cape May Lighthouse

This lighthouse is owned by the state of New Jersey and is located at the tip of Cape May (Cape May Point).Standing 165 feet above sea level on a foundation of surface rock, the lighthouse is visible for passengers aboard the Cape May Lewes Ferry. The State of New Jersey leases the structure and grounds to the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities (MAC).

Want to see it for yourself? Take a relaxing tour through Cape May and visit the lighthouse with one of our MAC tours! For more New Jersey Lighthouse fun, don’t miss the New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge October 15 &16th! Visitors are able to visit select museums and lighthouses in the area while raising money to help preserve local landmarks.


Climb aboard the Cape May Lewes Ferry today and witness the history of the Delaware Bay yourself!  Interested in learning more or want to explore them all? Visit Delaware Bay Lighthouse Keepers & Friends Association.

Breweries in South Jersey


Are you a fan of craft beer? Want to learn more about the creative process of making delicious brewed drinks?  If you’re looking for day trip ideas while traveling in South Jersey, or want to have a fun night out, then a brewery tour can be a perfect option! And, skip the foam, these breweries are a quick drive from our Cape May- Lewes Terminal!

Cape May Brewing Company

1288 Hornet Road

Cape May, NJ 08204

This brewery is located in Cape May’s very own AIRPORT! The owners of this brewery started the company in July 2011 in hopes to bringing delicious local beer to the people in South Jersey and putting our little beach town on the map. Ever since, this microbrewery has taken off and can be found in over 300 bars, liquor stores, and restaurants. Unlike most breweries, they are open 7 days a week from 11 am to 9pm with regular tours and tastings. Check out their unique style on any day of the week with no reservations required. For more information about tours and events visit their website.

Tour & Tasting Hours:

MON-SUN: 11AM – 9PM Cape May Brewery

Slack Tide Brewing Company

1072 Route 83, Unit 3

Clermont, NJ 08210

This brewery was founded by two brothers, Jason and Tadgh Campbell in 2015. They grew up in Cape May County and wanted to create a diverse and high- quality line of beers. Their craft beer is made with all natural ingredients. You can join their “Mug Club” to receive deals, special invites to private parties and more! If you want to know more about their brewery, visit their website.

Tour & Tasting Hours:slack tide


FRI: 12PM – 8PM

SAT: 12pm – 8PM

SUN: 1PM – 6PM

Tuckahoe Brewing Company

3092 English Creek Ave

Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

This brewery started in 2006 and was founded by 3 high school teachers and an architect from South Jersey. They each have strong connections with Cape May and Atlantic counties and work together towards the creation of the Tuckahoe Brewing Company. They have six special brews of ales, porter, stout, and IPA’s. If you want to know more about their special brews, visit their website!

Tour & Tasting Hours:tuckahoe brewing co

FRI: 5PM – 9PM

SAT: 12:00PM – 8:00PM




Glasstown Brewing Company

10 Peterson Street

Millville, NJ 08332

This brewery opened up in 2013 and was founded on the dream of creating have a fun and exciting work environment. The Glasstown Brewing Company is located right in Millville’s very own airport! How cool is that?! This brewery’s name is very meaningful to the town that it is located in. Millville use to be the number one glass making center in the country! Not only is the brewery known for its historic background but they craft the most delicious beer around consisting of pale ales and IPA’s! To learn more about their beers or if you want to take a tour visit their website.

Tour & Tasting Hours:Glasstown Brewing Co


FRI: 12PM – 9PM

SAT: 12PM – 9PM

SUN: 12PM – 7PM



NEW! These local breweries just opened and are definitely worth the try that you don’t want to miss.

Cold Spring Brewery

733 Seashore Road

Cape May, NJ 08204

The Cold Spring Brewery is finally ocold spring  brewery imagepen! This brand new brewery is a part of the Historic Cold Spring Village, which acquires 30 acres between Seashore Rd and Route 9. Following in the footsteps of their mission of containing restored historic structures they had to find the perfect building to create such a wonderful brewery. They purchased a beautiful 1804 three bay English-style Cape May County barn. The brewery adds a perfect touch of history for future generations to enjoy. Stop by and try out this brand new brewery that you don’t want to miss and learn some fascinating history! For more information contact the Village office 609-898-2300, extension 10.

Tour & Tasting Hours:

TUES – SUN: 12PM – 8PM

Ludlam Island Brewery

9 Stoney Court, Unit 3

Ocean View, NJ 08230Ludlam Brewery

This brand new brewery finally opened on June 30th, 2016! After years of trying to get approved to start their company right outside of Sea Isle City, Ludlam Island Brewery achieved their dreams. This small town brewery is already making a name for itself after only being open for a month. Visit this brand new brewery to see what everyone is talking about!

Tour & Tasting Hours:

MON – SUN: 12PM – 8PM


Trying to get to these awesome breweries? Here’s a google map with pins for each spot. Enjoy and drive safe! 

** We encourage all passengers to consume alcohol safely and responsibly on and off board. We would be happy to arrange a taxi or help you schedule your next shuttle bus!

Camping in Southern Delaware


Headed to Delaware this summer, or simply passing through? Southern Delaware has some incredible campsites alongside peaceful preserves and serene beaches that will wow any experienced camper! The Cape-May Lewes Ferry is RV friendly so climb aboard and embark on your next adventure!

Cape Henlopen State Park

15099 Cape Henlopen Dr

Lewes, DE 19958


(302) 645-6852

This nature preserve resides on a former military base and features beaches, biking and walking trails, an observation tower and more! This campground is perfect for beach lovers offering over 150 sites, most with a water hookup. Camping is available from March 1st through November 30th. No RV? No problem! Sleep comfortably in their newly renovated cabins. Each cabin sleeps 6 with 2 bunk beds and 1 Queen sized bed, equipped with interior lighting, an AC/Heating unit and a screened in porch with picnic table for comfortable dining. These cabins are open all year round for guests to enjoy. This site is within walking distance from our terminal!

blog de camping

 **The campground at Cape Henlopen State Park will close September 11, 2016, to allow for major campground improvements. For pricing and reservation information, click here.



Delaware Seashore Park

39415 Inlet Road

Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

(302) 227-2800

Located along the Rehoboth Bay, this campsite offers countless amenities for its guests for the majority of the year. It features 6 miles of beautiful waterfront shoreline for swimming and surf. Delaware Seashore Park is open with full service, April 1st through November 30th which includes, electric, water, sewer and showers. Along with, limited service year-round which includes, electric and sewer only. The campground can accommodate a variety of camping units, from tents to large recreational vehicles. This campsite is in a prime location, with beaches, restaurants and downtown shopping areas only a bike ride away! To reserve online or for more information, click here.

blog de camping1.jpg

Tall Pine Campground Resort

29551 Persimmon Rd

Lewes, DE 19958


(302) 684-0300

Located only about 8 miles from our Lewes terminal, this campground prides itself on all things F.U.N and is perfect for any family with kids of all ages! This resort features an 18 hole mini golf course, fitness center, swimming pool, playground and more! They are able to accommodate all varieties of campers, including RV sites, tent sites and cabins and deluxe cabins! Season, annual and monthly sites are available for rent. For more information and to book your reservation, click here.

blog de camping2

Homestead Campground

Rd 254

Georgetown, DE 19947


(302) 684-4278

Located in Georgetown, DE thiblog de camping3.jpgs campground is pet-friendly and offers great activities for the kids. Their site even offers a downloadable exploration trail for you and your family to map your vacation in southern Delaware (psst.. Our On the Rocks Restaurant is even featured in it!) This family friendly environment holds regular horseshoe tournaments and game days, and also have special events for holidays and happenings throughout the year. This site offers lots for RVs as well as 4 and 8 person cabins! Check out their activity calendar and reservation information here.


Leisure Point Resort

25491 Dogwood Ln

Long Neck, DE 19966


(302) 945-2000

Also located along the Rehoboth Bay, this gated resort offers a spacious getaway for its campers. Their haven alongside the Delaware Coast that has been long renowned for its clean, sandy beaches and excellent fishing, crabbing and clamming. This site offers over 300 boat slips for boats ranging from small to large. Tree-shaded campsites are available on a seasonal basis, from April 15 – October 15th, with full hookups. They also offer amenities including a fitness center, swimming pool, on-site laundry, and clubhouse. With over 40 years of continuous ownership, this resort prides itself on its traditional family roots. For more information and to reserve your spot today, click here.

blog de camping4.jpg